The full programme for 2018’s course is now available to download.

Day 1

Lower Limb Alignment and Joint Orientation

Malalignment and Malorientation (Coronal Plane)

Planning Workshop
Malalignment and Malorientation

Radiological Assessment of Limb Deformity

Planning Workshop
Coronal Plane Mechanical and
Anatomical Axis Planning (tibia)

Tibial Varus or Valgus Deformity

Lunch Afternoon Session

Osteotomy Concepts and Coronal Realignment

Planning Workshop
Sagittal Plane Deformity

Planning Workshop
Tibial Sagittal Plane Deformity
Oblique Plane Deformities

Special Guest Lecture
“Principles of Preoperative Frame Assembly for Juxta Articular Tibial Deformities”.

Course Dinner

Day 2

Osteotomy Techniques
Percutaneous Osteotomies
Russian/De Bastiani/Gigli Saw

Planning Workshop
Multiapical and Oblique Plane Planning

Bus depart for Cadaver Workshop
Cadaver workshop


Sawbones Workshop
Oblique Plane Tibial Deformity

Sawbones Workshop
Complex Tibial Deformity (Angulation/Rotation)

Deformity Correction by Guided
Growth Case Discussions

Day 3

Femoral Deformity Planning

Planning Workshop
Anatomic Femoral Deformity

Planning Workshop
Mechanical Axis Planning Femur

Sawbones Workshop
Femoral Deformity

Special Guest Lecture
Acute Deformity Correction and Internal Fixation

Joint Deformity

Length and Hardware Considerations

Fixator Assisted Internal Fixation

Day 4 – Osteotomies and Joint Preserving Techniques about the Knee

Course evaluation 

Excellent course. Excellent faculty. Excellent table tutor – Liz. Should be a must for all trainees

Overall fantastic course. Very informative and enjoyable.

Table faculty very, very helpful over three days. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole course and learnt a LOT.

Fantastic course. Very interactive with expertise from faculty. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it

Excellent course. Really good faculty. Probably needs better advertising to make it known to a wider audience

Brilliant course. Well organised. Enjoyed speciality osteomyelitis day. Femoral planning actually made sense this year. Fantastic faculty


Fantastic course. Been a long time since I have learnt so much on a course. More planning workshops. They are of great value

Table faculty very, very helpful over three days. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole course and learnt a LOT

Excellent informative course. The lectures are amazing and informative faculty. I like to give more consideration to planning and to do example over the normal x-ray for practising. Well organised.

Enjoyed thoroughly the course. Well designed and informative. This is going to help in my deformity correction practice.

It was a pleasure to attend such a well organised course with such excellent content. Both theoretical and practical workshops on deformity planning help me apply theory to practice. I shall be returning again.



General Comments 1=Poor 2=Average 3=Good 4=Very Good 5=Excellent
Overall Assessment of the Course 22% 78%
Venue 6% 11% 44% 39%
Organisation 28% 72%
Website, Registration, Payment etc 6% 44% 50%